About / Über Andre Porta

Welcome to the About section of of my Website.Here are a few infos about Me.

Creative Experience :

Andre Porta is a Photographer & Musician/Audio Engineer who is into creative work for almost 20 Years.Having almost 10 years experience as a Photographer,he decided to go all in and to focus 100% on Photography after working for almost 15 years in the music business in different areas.

Artistic freedom is one of the most important aspects for him when it comes to photography,its for him the best possible way of artistic expression,due to the simple fact that as a photographer you don't really have to depend on anyone or anything because you can make of alomst anything a good photo with the right talent.

First in touch with professional photography came Andre when he was at Movie Conventions as a young Teenager,when he was collecting professional Photos of his favorite Movie Stars.After decorating his room with the best Photos he could get,he decided that he wants to do exactly that for himself,create great photos some day.

BIO : 

Born and raised in Cologne/Germany,with roots on the beautiful Island of Sardinia/Italy,Andre decided early in his Life that he wanted to live in the US to get a different view on life and to experience the american lifestyle.

He moved in his teenage Years to the US and was going to High School in Ventura / California & St.Louis / Missouri.The Artistic Impact,this multicultural experience had on him was tremendous,ever since then he decided for himself that he wants to participate in creative work.He started off with music,doing vocals,went to music production,to Audio Engineering,finally to photography also to painting and drawing.

Professional References  :

After running his own recording Studio for 10 years,working for People in the US from NYC to Miami to Silicon Valley in Music Production,Audio Engineering & PR for Producers,Artists & Audio Engineers,he decided to postpone (but not completely quit) his profession in the music business to fullfill his dream to create Photo Art,due to the simple fact that Artistic Freedom & Independence is more given in Photography than it is in the Music Business,where so many people have to be involved in big Music Productions in creating and finalizing one simple Song/Album (Artist,Producer,Songwriter,Arranger,Mix Engineer,Mastering Engineer,Label,A&R,Manager ect.) 

He achieved quite a few impressive goals like running the Artist Relations department of a Silicon Valley based Tech Company,establishing connections with Artists,Managers,Labels,Concert Promoters ect. and working with Platinum & Grammy Awarded Music Industry People from the US,in Production,Audio Engineering & PR.

Also notable is that he founded one of the biggest and oldest  groups on Facebook with almost 20.000 Musicans,Engineers & Producers called 'Computer based Mixing & Music Production' , where Producers & Audio Engineers,help each other and for what he was even endorsed by some of the biggest Studio Equipment/Software Manufracturers in the industry.

Due to his excellent contacts to people in the Music Industry, he put together quite an impressive list of A Class Music Artists he took photos of in a short period of time like Wiz khalifa,Fat Joe, Nelly, The Game ect.

 Andre Porta doesn't really have a special type of photography field that he wants to focus on,because Versatility is one of he main aspects in creativty for him.

Favorite Photography Sections are Street,Travel,Artist,Music,Still Life,Advertisement & Animal Photgraphy.To give any taken photo that special type of artistic expression is always the main goal,the editing section is just as important for him as taking good photos.